God is an incredible artist. He made everything from the vibrant and breathtaking sunset to the tiniest little flower petal, from the innumerable stars in the sky to each pebble on the ground, from the largest whale to the smallest insect.  He created our physical forms with numerous hairs on our head, intricately put together sinews and bones, brains that allow so much more than basic life functions, fingers that can feel, hold, and create, and organs that all work together to sustain life. He continues to create everyday as he creates in our souls. He takes the broken pieces of our sin-sick hearts and souls and makes us new.

We are created in His image, and since He is a creator, it seems only fitting that we would have creative impulses as well. Creativity takes infinite forms such as painting, music, engineering, writing, teaching, and more. Our creative impulses are as diverse as the human race. The important thing is to use the talents, skills, and ideas that God gives us to create something that matters – something that expresses our feelings, something that helps other people, something that shows someone we care, something that glorifies our Creator.

Poetry & Thoughts

Words have power. My hope is to speak hope through my written words. Most is poetry, but you’ll find the occasional random rambling around here too.

Spoken Word

Speaking doesn’t come easy to me, but I love spoken word. It isn’t always easy for me to share, but maybe that is indeed the point.


I’m a steel daisy with social anxiety who wears many hats. I was created to create, to glorify God through words and actions.

“Hope is the anthem of my soul.”


The sun remains fixed in the sky at all times, and even when we cannot see it, we can see its signs. For every tree, shrub, and flower, is a testament to the sun’s power. And while every sunny day must come to an end, the sun is not gone even when darkness descends. Hope is present like the sun is present, for in every moment, hope is existent.


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