My (unexpected) Work With Dress a Girl

It’s crazy and amazing how God works.

About two years ago in October 2011, I happened to be scrolling through a craft blog. I stumbled across a post about an organization called “Dress a Girl.” I clicked the post and was very intrigued about the project. I did some more research about the site and printed the patterns. I happened to have just gotten some fabric from my mormor (grandma) recently so getting supplies wasn’t that hard. I just had to find some bias tape. I made my first few dresses and shipped them to headquarters.
Picture 063

(The above picture is one of the first dresses I made along with a handmade doll)

For those of you who have never heard of Dress a Girl, here is a little overview of the organization I have prepared for an informational flyer at church:
Dress a Girl aims to provide sturdy dresses to girls around the world. So far, dresses have been delivered 164,000 girls in 65 different countries. These dresses not only provide modest clothing to impoverished girls but also help protect girls from predators. This is accomplished by attaching an organization tag on the outside of each dress. Sometimes people make dolls using leftover fabric to include with younger girl dresses. Dress a Girl is a program affiliated with Hope 4 Women International and is a non-denominational Christian organization. As such, Dress a Girl strives to follow the example of Christ by extending love and mercy to all.


(The above is a picture of Dress a Girl recipients from Dress a Girl’s website)

I never expected to be continuing on with this project. I mean, yes, it is a great organization but I’m only a student with limited funds. When I started I was still in high school. Now I’m in college but that makes me even more broke. I also never expected my mom to be so supportive of this work. I was almost afraid to ask her for shipping money the first time I sent dresses out. Two years later, I’m still making dresses (when I have the time). Again I’m an almost broke college student but God has been supplying the materials and money I need to keep doing this. My mom is always on the look out for good fabric deals. Occasionally I get a monetary or fabric donation from people that my mom has told about the program.

Currently the youth director at my church and me are working to set up a Dress a Girl ministry at my church. I never expected myself to still be making dresses let alone trying to set up a ministry at church. It’s all so exciting. I never thought I would be doing something like this but obviously God had other plans.

For more information about Dress a Girl Around the World:

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