Break apart and break His heart?

As a dog returns to its vomit, we too often return to the things that lead us astray.

God is right there with open arms and yet we return to the filth that shines like those cheap pieces of jewelry we sometimes wore as children.

God is better than real diamonds and gemstones yet we return to the cheap plastic.

It doesn’t matter to society if we are real. It only matters if we can look how they want and play the part.

Even in our youth we try hard to fit in however we can.

We paint pretty masks on our faces and build walls around us so that no one can see the real person inside. We pursue matters of this world in attempts to satisfy our heart’s longings.

By the time we step into adulthood, our walls are so tall and sturdy that almost no one can see within.

But God sees. He sees right past our “clever” disguises and fortified walls. He beckons us to come to Him.

He knows our needs. He knows we need Him.

Yet we turn away, slapping the face of our Savior again.

We’re too messed up and flawed for society, so we assume we are too messed up for God.

We crumble inside our fortified walls and cling to all our flaws and the temporary pleasures of this world that will never satisfy.

We are the prodigal children who have left the Father to chase after what this world has to offer us.

Yet…God is still calling us. God is still standing there with open arms. Will we finally turn to Him for help? Or will we continue to break apart and break His heart?

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