For so long I’ve been complaining about circumstances, especially circumstances related to living a life of faith.

I live in New England…which although it’s beautiful, it certainly isn’t the Bible belt. I’ve been here in Massachusetts my whole life. I go to a very secular college. There are very few people who even consider themselves Christians. At Bible Study, we’re lucky if we have 4 students come. I haven’t been feeling really comfortable at church for various reasons. In addition to all of this, I’m dealing with friend problems, anxiety, and other struggles of life.

No matter where we reside, growing closer to God is hard. Satan attacks us with all he has. Sometimes it feels impossible for me to grow closer to Him when the places I spend my time are so far from Him. But still, I am here and I’m obviously here for a reason. I need to stop blaming my circumstances. I’m living in a dark place but that doesn’t mean that God’s light is extinguished. God is still here. God is in every dark place where one of His children calls upon His name.

I’m here for a reason. I’m in this state, at that school, at that church for a reason. I don’t plan to be in this state or church for the rest of my life but I’m here now. I want to make the best of it. I want to learn what God wants me to learn. I want to grow closer to Him even in the darkness and be a light in this dark world. God’s got a plan. I don’t know it yet, but I know He has one for every moment of my life.

7 thoughts on “Circumstances

  1. Its harder and harder to find God in people anywhere. I live in the bible belt. Many people know about HIm, but don’t truly know Him. I think we look to often to others to be God to us, and to tell us about God, but as Christian’s remember God is living inside us. He keeps wondering why we keep looking everywhere else for Him.. His Holy Spirit is there leading us, guiding us, teaching us, and encouraging us. The more time you spend with Him praying/talking, reading the bible, and worshiping the more your faith will be built up. You have to replace the devils lies with God’s truth. At times may feel lonely, but you are not alone. At times when it seems dark remember this John 1:5 The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. ” and my favorite. when I tell God I cant He reminds me “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” Just make sure whatever your trying to do, God told you to in the first place. If your life is not easy, guess what? Praise God, because He is working in you, building you up and teaching you. If God carries us all the time, we never learn to stand. Stand on His truths! He is real and His word is true. If a thought comes to your head that is opposite to the word of God, choose to believe truth. Even when its hard and even when we don’t understand. God is faithful, we are the ones that doubt His faithfulness. We are like children who’s father tells us what is best for us, but we doubt and try and do it our own way. Even if you have to learn the hard way always be open and willing to learn. Question everyone and everything. Even more so people claiming to know Him. Know the bible and make sure what people say line up with the word and the spirit of God that lives inside you. You have feelings for a reason discern them and follow truth. God Bless!

    • Amen to that!! I know people too often look to fill in the void that only God can fill…either with other people or things. It’s so easy to follow people but it’s hard to follow God. Those verses you quoted are perfect. And if our life here on Earth is easy all the time, we’re doing it wrong. God never promised an easy life but He did promise to stay with us through it all. Thank you so much for your comment. It’s quite encouraging and it made my day.

  2. I will say this….I felt I knew the Lord and His merciful love for me for many years…..until my husband had a double massive stroke end of October 2013….was when I TRULY felt His love for me. With me every step of the way. The doctor said only by the grace of God was my husband alive, able to walk with a to speak….he was in intensive care for 10 days and never opened his eyes until the 3rd day when the Pastor and Elders laid hands on him.
    In our darkest hours He is working miracles and showing us just how much He loves us. The Lord blessed us mightily. It takes those dark hours to draw us closer to Him…so that we can see the wonderful works He performs in our behalf.

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