5 thoughts on “Psalm 95:1

  1. I love it! How did you make it? Is it like a computer thing? Remember, I am probably like your moms age and not very with it. LOL

      • I’ve never have done anything like that before. Besides clip art and it looks nothing like that. It’s looks really good!

      • Thank you! For that I used a free program called paint.net. It’s pretty basic (compared to like photoshop which I’ve never even attempted) I hope to eventually take a class in like digital art/graphics/design at school but so far have not been able to. 😦 It is a class within my major tho and I have 2 more years so hopefully it’ll happen!! Then I can take on the more professional (and expensive!) programs like photoshop. haha.

      • I will have to check that paint.net out. I took a photography class a few years ago. We worked with photoshop , but I don’t remember much. I was more interested in the taking pictures part.. I am sure you will do awesome with it from seeing the things you have already posted.

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