The Generosity of a Child

I haven’t posted in a little while. I guess it’s just a dry spell of inspiration to write. I have some ideas written on scraps of paper and hopefully I’ll get to them soon. Last week was Vacation Bible School in my town and I just wanted to share a short, inspiring and encouraging story from the week with anyone who might regularly read or stumble across my blog.

Every year, we have a missions project at VBS and this year we did Coins 4 Kids. Coins 4 Kids is a part of the World Food Program. Money collected goes directly towards funding school lunches for kids around the world that may not have the chance to eat otherwise. Many of the children who will receive these meals would also not go to school if they could not get that meal. The money collected this past week at VBS is going to Kenya. At the beginning of the week, our leader gave a short speech about the missions and told the campers how some children wake up and have no food to eat for breakfast. When lunch comes around, they still have no food. Dinner time comes and goes without food as well. On Friday a nine year old girl came in with her cup full of coins. Her mother told the VBS leader how this girl had put ALL of her piggy bank savings into the cup. She had asked her daughter if she was sure she wanted to do that and the girl replied “Didn’t you hear what [the leader] said? These kids don’t have any food. We do have food. This money will help them so they can eat.”

It’s stories like these that give me hope for my generation and the generations after me. We hear so many crazy stories of kids and teens gone wild but truly there are still young people with generous and loving hearts. I don’t know how much money this girl had but she gave it all. She didn’t give it to receive glory like some of the hypocrites Jesus mentioned in the Bible who gave a small amount of their abundance for recognition. This girl appears to have a firm grip on the lessons about giving and generosity that Jesus taught while he walked the earth. I only hope and pray she will continue to have such a generous and loving heart as she goes through her tween and teen years.

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