Among the Daffodils

Find me among the daffodils, with their sunny yellow hues,
Dazzling in rain or shine though surrounded by dismal views.

They started as bulbs sown with hope months ago,
But now is the time they were destined to grow.

And so they boldly rise, while surrounded by vestiges of winter all around,
Shining bright as they bloom from winter’s relinquished ground.

They bravely reach towards the sun, despite the threat of a late freeze,
Believing in the spring even when enduring a chilly breeze.

Though they are susceptible to the weather’s teasing threat,
They join other brave flowers to welcome a season of here and not yet.

So find me among the daffodils, bold and full of hope that shines so bright,
For I, too, want to reach towards the sun even when all seems dark as night.

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