Bonfire T-Shirt Fundraisers

Sometimes I dabble on Bonfire to raise money for non-profits that I like. Truly, every dollar counts when it goes towards the work these organizations do. See below for currently available campaigns. What’s great about Bonfire is that you can have the design on multiple styles and colors, so be sure to check all the options out! Thanks in advance for your support!

Occasional Poet | Proceeds to Benefit TWLOHA

T-shirt showing the words "occasional poet" in a script like font with a pen
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I write poetry but I hesitate to call myself a poet. Maybe it’s imposter syndrome. Maybe it’s because I don’t write as prolifically as other poets. But I do write. I write to process. I write to encourage. I write to help myself. I write to help others. So for now, I call myself an “occasional poet.” 

I started writing poetry to process my anxiety and to point myself to hope. But maybe my words can encourage others too. So I’ll keep writing even when the doubts creep in. And maybe, one day, I’ll even be able to say “I am a poet” without the disclaimer. One poem at a time, one metaphor at a time, one word at a time. 

TWLOHA is a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide. As someone who struggles with anxiety and goes to therapy for it, seeing others with mental health challenges get the help they need is very important to me.

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Making a Difference One Purse at a Time | Proceeds to Benefit Sew Powerful

Purple t-shirt showing a graphic of a raindrop and flowers growing. Text says "the most torrential rainstorm is still made of individual drops.
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No one can do everything, but everyone can do something. The most torrential rainstorm is still made of individual drops. One drop may not seem like much, but together, individual drops can do quite a lot. Together, we are sew powerful.

Sew Powerful is working to change the lives of impoverished kids, especially young teenage girls, in Zambia through education. When they hit puberty, girls in the developing world often end up missing one week of school per month simply because they lack the supplies to manage their periods.

Sew Powerful supports a team of seamstresses in Zambia who sew reusable feminine hygiene supplies for these girls. These supplies (plus soap and two new pairs of underwear) are placed in something called a Sew Powerful Purse like those pictured and distributed to girls as a part of health (MHM) training.

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