Stitching With a Mission: Sew Powerful

For two years, I served as a Regional Coordinator for Sew Powerful, an organization that combats extreme poverty by creating jobs that provide training and tools to facilitate the creation of purposeful products. These include purses, school uniforms, reusable hygiene pads, soap, and farm fresh food. All products are designed to promote and enable the academic success of children throughout Zambia, while providing the dignity of work for adults. While no longer in the role of Regional Coordinator, I am still a supporter of Sew Powerful and believe strongly in their mission and their goals.

In December 2020 I was on the Sew Powerful Podcast, where I talked about the source of the creative impulses we all have and how we can use them to serve others and to glorify God. Listen below.

Sew Powerful Purse Recipients in Zambia