More Lessons from Sunday School

A while back I posted about a child in the Sunday school class I was teaching and her strong faith in God. (That post can be found here:

 Today I witnessed another one of those moments where a child expresses sheer joy in the church. One little girl in the preschool class said something along the lines of “Church is really fun…and the most fun part is when we learn about Jesus and God!” Honestly, I think that comment made my day. I only hope that she holds that postive view about church. I’ve seen so many kids just stop coming to church once they get to high school and their parents stop making them go.

The Faith of a Child

Sometimes we learn some big lessons from little children. Last Sunday, I was teaching a Sunday school class at church. The activity for the day involved the story of Jacob’s wrestling match and a craft about wondering. For part of the craft, I, being the teacher, was supposed to help the children brainstorm about what things they wonder about. Some of the examples in the book were like “I wonder if God really knows who I am” and “I wonder if God is really here with me.” One little girl blatantly said “Well…God is right here next to me. So of course He knows who I am. I don’t know His plan for me but I know that He’s right here.” I was so taken aback by the wisdom of this second grader. Her faith seems so strong and simple. She is young but knows a truth that so often gets overshadowed in our sometimes mundane day to day lives. I suppose my faith was once like that, based on stories that my parents have told me. As the years have gone by, my faith has faltered. Sometimes my mind is my own worst enemy as I try to understand things that I cannot understand right now. I forget the big picture. Yet this child recognizes a huge part of the big picture. Little does she know that she reminded me of the awesome fact that God never leaves us and he cares fo us so much that even the hairs on our heads are accounted for. I hope she never loses sight of the fact that God is here with her and all of us.