My First Week

Well, I have officially completed one week of college. It’s been quite an interesting experience. I wasn’t sure I was even going to write about it but I guess I decided to anyway. (Thanks, Sir Charles…aka Carlos… XD).

Since I am involved in music, I went to school about a half week early for rehearsals and fun activities. Resident students involved in band and/or chorus get the advantage of getting their dorms set up before the big rush. Us commuters, well we just get to hang out on campus a bunch before classes actually start. (I also got free food because of camp. The upperclassmen complain about the food but I must say it is pretty dang good. Then again, I just came from a high school with quite disgusting food…) I’ve been in various choruses almost my entire life and I didn’t want college to change that. It was a fun time. I got to meet lots of people. Best of all, the kids in chorus actually WANT to be there. In my high school, at least half of the chorus was made up of people who took the class because it was easy. They texted and talked but rarely, if ever, actually sang. In college chorus, people want to sing. It’s such an awesome change.

            After music camp, all the other freshmen moved in. The weekend was full of transition activities and meetings. Between that weekend and music camp, I was able to get fairly familiar with the campus. Therefore, I did NOT get lost on my first day. Or my second day. (That’s what happened in when I was a high school freshman). Most of my classes this semester are significantly shorter than my high school ones. And I don’t have the same schedule every single day. My classes this semester are:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday:  gym, Communications 101, Spanish, Calculus

Tuesday, Thursday: First Year Seminar, English comp.

Textbooks are outrageous. Everything in the campus store is. I was able to get one used textbook off Amazon for $40 less than the school store. The rest were either unavailable and/or were special editions packaged by the school. They obviously just want my money. I want a sweatshirt but I refuse to spend $50 just to have the privilege of wearing the name of a school that is already costing me a fortune. I’ll keep an eye out on clearance. I have my free freshman class shirt and a free university water bottle till then.

As I said before, I have met a fairly good amount of people. I wouldn’t say I have any real close friends yet. I hope to soon. Perhaps I’m too shy and awkward. I’d love to meet someone with similar values and interests as my own. So far, I haven’t had too much luck. Everyday is a new day though.

The weather this past week was absolutely GORGEOUS!! I spent much of my time off from classes just walking around or doing homework outside. Campus has this garden shaded by trees. There are marble benches and a little stream. It’s just gorgeous. It’s relatively quiet too. Most people tend to stay to the main paths on campus.

            I guess this basically concludes the summary of my first week of college. I have a fair amount of homework to complete this weekend so I should go work on it some more. I’ll write again soon when I have the time and/or the inspiration to do so. J