Satan’s Lies and God’s Truth

Satan tells a lot of lies. He tells us that we are worthless and not good enough. He tells us that our mistakes define us. He tells us that no one could really love us. He tells us that we are forever filthy, forever stained by our selfishness, lust, jealousy, pride and hate. It is easy to believe Satan’s lies because they make sense to our human minds whereas God’s grace does not. We do mess up. We have all sinned. We can never attain perfection on our own no matter how hard we try. We will never be “good enough” on our own accord. We deserve hell. God’s grace however, is beyond human comprehension. To think that God would send His son to save us mere sinners. To think that Jesus would leave his place in heaven, his home, to come down to mankind knowing that he would be slandered, rejected, mocked, tortured, and killed. To think that God would want a relationship with each of us and call us His children. All of this is so beyond what we humans can comprehend. His love for us is greater than we can see or understand. His grace is not what we deserve and yet He gives it to us and calls us His own. Yes, we are all sinners. Yes, we have all fallen short. Yes, we have all been covered by our own evil deeds. Satan twists these facts however and tells us that our sins define us and that God could never accept us. Truth is, we are not defined by our mistakes and shortcomings. We are defined by what Christ did on that cross. No longer are we covered by our crimson stains. We are God’s and He is ours. We no longer live but rather Christ lives within each of us who are called His children. And someday soon, Satan’s lies will never again torment us. But for now, we must strive to listen to God’s voice and not Satan’s. We must draw closer to God and His Truth.


They told us never to lie to others.

They told us truth will set us free.

But they forgot to mention that lies do not require spoken words and interpersonal conversation.

Sometimes they only require the mind and intrapersonal communication.

Lies are developed by Satan but repeatedly echoed in our thoughts.

Worthless, stupid, attention seeker, burden, useless, ugly.

Those lies are shouted yet confined into the soundproof barrier of our own skulls.

Whispers come from another source: The One who is Truth.

Loved, important, beautiful, purposeful, masterpiece, worth dying for.

But still the lies consume us, like fire leaving only a pile of ashes.

They told us never to lie to others. If only we could stop lying to ourselves.

They told us truth will set us free and how we long for that splendid relief.

As lies are shouted day after day, still the whispers of truth sound.

Even from the ashes of a broken, hurting person, God can make beauty.

They told us never to lie to others. Our minds may tell lies but we need only listen to God’s word.

They told us truth will set us free and I believe they were right about that indeed.

Sin and Forgiveness (digital art)

Sin and Forgiveness (digital art)

I felt inspired to make this tonight. Remember that no matter what you have done, you can come to God. You were bought with a high price- the blood of God’s beloved (and sinless) son. Because of what Christ did, we can now come to God. We don’t deserve grace. But God loves us more than we can even imagine.

God forgives. We are more than our past mistakes because of what Christ has done. Now let us strive to show His love and grace to the world.

“What shall we say then? Are we to continue in sin that grace may abound? By no means! How can we who died to sin still live in it?” (Romans 6:1-2)